What to make…

Well, I’ve been working on projects for gifts. Not related but they get my creative juices flowing! I need to get organized for Kingdom A&S in March. It is sneaking up on me 🙂 I’m making cheese, baskets, and pottery. New pages to come! I am also eager to get started on a new kampfrau dress for her royal Majesty Adelhait. Then after those are done I need new clothes for a very exciting clothing conference at Jamestown in June. In the middle will be Sword Stitch and Song, a 24 hour garb sewing competition on the Eastern Shore in Spiaggia Levantina. Last year my documentation was dismal, so I need to improve on that. So over the next 2 weeks, time to
1) sign up for studio time at the pottery
2) order willow withes for baskets and decide on a shape
3) set a hard cheese to age
4) make a toile for Adelhait to try on at Ponte Alto Baronial Investiture (with pictures)
5) set a longer term time line for the rest ?

Hello world!

Hi ya’all!  So I am starting a blog to make it a little easier to keep track of my forays into the various A&S activities I do that fall under the broad heading of “household arts” .  So a little bit about me.  I have played in the SCA since 1991, but took a long break, and now I am back in full force 🙂  I am interested in the arts practiced by women in 16th century Germany, mainly clothing and other sewing related things, but also cheesemaking, cookery, and others as they peak my interest!