Good morning!  This week I have made progress on several fronts.  I have signed up for a pottery class at www.claygroundonline.com in Elllicott City, MD.  I am excited to try my hand at the wheel, which I have not done in a long time.  I also got basket reeds in the mail, so I can make a reed basket.  I will go to a friend’s house soon and gather berry brambles to dry for a different look.  Everything I have read says that willow is hard to work with because it is physically demanding, so I will try some more pliable materials first, to practice techniques.  Later today I will start my first basket, so updates soon on that.  Third, I have been getting lots of fun packages in the mail to assemble all of the materials for HRM Adelhait’s (mka Ash Terrell) new trossfrau dress, which we have decided to call the phoenix dress.  I am uber excited to get started on this fun project!  She is so fun and encouraging, and making clothes for her will satisfy my need to sew while I am taking a break from making my own clothes.  I have lost a lot of weight, but I am only about 60% to goal, so new clothes now would be something of a waste 🙂  Look for new folders for each project, with pictures etc, for documentation images and process images.

What to make…

Well, I’ve been working on projects for gifts. Not related but they get my creative juices flowing! I need to get organized for Kingdom A&S in March. It is sneaking up on me 🙂 I’m making cheese, baskets, and pottery. New pages to come! I am also eager to get started on a new kampfrau dress for her royal Majesty Adelhait. Then after those are done I need new clothes for a very exciting clothing conference at Jamestown in June. In the middle will be Sword Stitch and Song, a 24 hour garb sewing competition on the Eastern Shore in Spiaggia Levantina. Last year my documentation was dismal, so I need to improve on that. So over the next 2 weeks, time to
1) sign up for studio time at the pottery
2) order willow withes for baskets and decide on a shape
3) set a hard cheese to age
4) make a toile for Adelhait to try on at Ponte Alto Baronial Investiture (with pictures)
5) set a longer term time line for the rest ?

Hello world!

Hi ya’all!  So I am starting a blog to make it a little easier to keep track of my forays into the various A&S activities I do that fall under the broad heading of “household arts” .  So a little bit about me.  I have played in the SCA since 1991, but took a long break, and now I am back in full force 🙂  I am interested in the arts practiced by women in 16th century Germany, mainly clothing and other sewing related things, but also cheesemaking, cookery, and others as they peak my interest!